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It occurred to me that I might have more followers if I streamlined my blog and only focused on one style or genre. Then it also occurred to me that I don't give a fuck. I'm going to post a bunch of random shit that I find interesting or funny. Mostly; steampunk, classic convertible trucks, scantily clad women, bikes and other "manly" shit. I will also post what i find tasteful nudity, if you are not a mature adult don't follow!

I will unfollow anyone one who jacks up my dash by posting too much or posting politics. That shits for Facebook!



Lancelot’s haircut was interrupted by a downpour so now he’s Lancelion, the Glorious.

Wow, he looks mythical! I really thought this was a new species!
"You’ll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice."

#55 - The Wicker Man
UK | 1973

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Summer Glau rehearsing for Serenity

I really love that she fights like a dancer.

The pirouette prep in the second gif tho

She is a dancer. A good one, too.

Summer Glau is awesome. There’s a really great scene in the Sara Connor Chronicles where she does ballet (as a robot basically). That’s a really good show by the way.

I think she first met Joss on Buffy for the episode “Waiting in the Wings” about a ballerina.

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