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It occurred to me that I might have more followers if I streamlined my blog and only focused on one style or genre. Then it also occurred to me that I don't give a fuck. I'm going to post a bunch of random shit that I find interesting or funny. Mostly; steampunk, classic convertible trucks, scantily clad women, bikes and other "manly" shit. I will also post what i find tasteful nudity, if you are not a mature adult don't follow!

I will unfollow anyone one who jacks up my dash by posting too much or posting politics. That shits for Facebook!


Handmade Swords - Viikinkimiekka XI

  • Maker: Jarkko Niskanen
  • Medium: steel, iron, coper, silver, willow wood, moose antler, wool, linen, brass
  • Measurements: overall length 87.5cm; blade length 70.5cm; weight 1165g

The Viking sword has a pattern welded blade with edges of 0.6% carbon steel. The guard and pommel are made of iron and covered with copper and silver inlays. Decorative patterns are carved into silver. The grip is made of salix caprea (willow wood) and moose antler, while the scabbard is also made from willow wood filled with linen/wool. The fittings are made of brass with the strap bridge and decorative panels made of moose antler. 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Jarkko Niskanen


Gene Krupa Jam Session, 1941

Drummer Gene Krupa playing drum at Gjon Mili’s studio.

New York, NY

photos: Gjon Mili

(via tittyj)