Paper Street Soap

It occurred to me that I might have more followers if I streamlined my blog and only focused on one style or genre. Then it also occurred to me that I don't give a fuck. I'm going to post a bunch of random shit that I find interesting or funny. Mostly; steampunk, classic convertible trucks, scantily clad women, bikes and other "manly" shit. I will also post what i find tasteful nudity, if you are not a mature adult don't follow!

I will unfollow anyone one who jacks up my dash by posting too much or posting politics. That shits for Facebook!

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 7)


It’s Labor Day, and that means that most kiddos (in the U.S., anyway) will be back in school for sure this week. WAHOO! Thank goodness for all those selfless and patient individuals awesome enough to be teachers. (Hi, Ms. Lin—I know you’re reading this!)

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 7 of 7) by Michelle Tam

As you pack…